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Watercolor 101

The Complete Beginner's Course that has EVERYTHING from A to Z

Let's face it, everyone's a little intimidated by watercolor painting. However, in this brand new course you'll learn about color theory and saturation, how to choose your materials and brushes, different styles in watercolor, how to create beautiful shadows, full length demos from start to finish and much, much more-all with easy step-by-step instructions! These lessons are easy enough for anyone with little or no experience in art, but they still have the potential for creating stunning works of art by more experienced painters. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watercolors but didn’t know where to start, this course was made just for you! By the end of this class we'll have created so many beautiful pieces that look professional enough for framing! So if you're ready let's get started!
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A Look Inside Watercolor 101

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome & Trailer Watercolor 101
    • Drawing Files
  • 2

    Watercolor Materials

    • Tools & Materials
    • Materials Update June 2022
    • Materials List
  • 3

    Watercolor Basics

    • Brand New to Watercolor Basics
    • Common Mistakes with Watercolor
    • Edges
    • Drawing 101
  • 4

    Color Theory

    • Outline of Objects (Print & Trace) PDF
    • Value Scale
    • Complementary Colors
    • Analogous Colors
    • Part I Warm and Cool Tones (NEW June 2022)
    • Part II Warm/Cool Tones (NEW June 2022)
    • Part III Warm/Cool Tones (NEW June 2022)
  • 5


    • How to Add Shadows
  • 6


    • Egg (White)
    • Negative Painting (Clouds)
  • 7

    Technique & Methods of Watercolor

    • 3 Different Styles/Approaches to Watercolor
    • Watercolor Washes Part I
    • Watercolor Washes Part II (Glazing)
  • 8

    Demo 1 : Olympic National Park Landscape

    • Demo Part I
    • Demo Part II
    • OlympicNP Outline PDF
    • Olympic NP Reference Photo
  • 9

    Demo 2: Michigan Lake Landscape

    • Part I
    • Part II
    • LakeMich Outline PDF
    • LakeMich Reference Photo
  • 10

    Demo 3: Still Life

    • Still Life (Part I)
    • Still Life (Part II)
    • Reference Photo
  • 11

    Bonus: Paint Along Video

    • Bonus Part I
    • Bonus Part II
    • Outline of Objects PDF

Watercolor 101

Ready to start learning everything you need to know to paint with Watercolor

Buy $97

Student's Beautiful Work

Photos from current Watercolor 101 students that are brand new to watercolor

Customer Reviews

Great Course, Responsive Teacher

Wendy McLaughlin

I'm a beginner and by taking each class more than once and practicing what Mallery teaches, I can see that I'm getting better. Also, Mallery answers question...

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I'm a beginner and by taking each class more than once and practicing what Mallery teaches, I can see that I'm getting better. Also, Mallery answers questions you email her. That's amazing.

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yasmine joubert



  • Is this course a one time payment or a monthly subscription?

    Watercolor 101 is a one time payment and you will never be charged monthly.

  • What is included in the course?

    Over 15 high quality lessons, filmed with two camera angles so you can see the instructor and demo at the same time!

  • Does this course ever expire?

    No, you will always have lifetime access to Watercolor 101.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is aimed at the beginner, but as we move throughout the course it moves to intermediate.

  • How is this course different than other watercolor courses?

    This course is different from other courses because you will be painting actual objects while learning techniques, instead of doing exercises. You will also learn how to simplify objects so that you can draw them, because drawing is an important part of being able to paint anything. This course was made for you to have fun, while learning the skills to be able to confidently watercolor whatever you want!